Student Welfare Packages


The Centre for Food Technology and Research (CEFTER), Benue State University, Makurdi has the following welfare packages for her students

  1. i. Accommodation.
  2. ii. Logistics support.
  3. iii. English language support before commencement of academic session.
  4. iv. Airport pickup from Abuja airport to the hostels for our foreign students.
  5. v. E-library training.
  6. vi. Formal orientation, tour guide of the University and Makurdi city.
  7. vii. Medicals.
  8. viii. Monthly stipend for foreign students.

Accommodation: The Centre has well-furnished student hostels with 24-hour internet connection, water supply and electricity. The hostels are located within proximity of the University campus.

Logistics: The Centre operates an International Student Department tasked with the responsibility of assisting students with applications for admission, student support and visa.

English Language Support: The Centre also operates a Bilingual Department where regional students from Francophone speaking countries are given 3 month English language support before commencement of academic session.

Airport Pickup: CEFTER offers free pickup service from the NnamdiAzikwe International Airport, Abuja to the student hostel for foreign students on arrival into Nigeria. On arrival at the University campus, they are received by the Vice Chancellor of the University.

E-Library Training: The Centre offers free mandatory training for new students on modern learning and research activities such as referencing, Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, endnote etc.

Formal orientation and tour guide of the University and Makurdi City: Students on arrival are taken round the University Campus and Makurdi city. The places visited usually include markets, places of worship, banks, the public library, police station and supermarkets. The week orientation is organised for students to acquaint them with the operations and activities of the University.

Medicals: Our foreign students register with the school clinic and access free medical services when they are sick or need medical attention.

Monthly Stipends: All foreign students in addition to other students are provided with monthly stipends and grants during their duration of study.